Love Yourself.... Do Research Before Choosing Any Surgeon.  Especially A Plastic Surgeon!!

Love Yourself.... Do Research Before Choosing Any Surgeon. Especially A Plastic Surgeon!!

"Love Yourself.... Do Research Before Choosing Any Surgeon."  Especially A Plastic Surgeon!

First, before having any elective surgery, ask yourself are you considering surgery to please you?   Remember, you will be the only one who has to  wear the results!

Do your research when selecting a surgeon. This is your body, you only have one!  Look for an experienced surgeon who has extensive medical training and has previously performed the surgery you're considering.  Check the surgeon's reviews, hospital privileges, and member affiliations.  (Find out if your surgeon has hospital privileges!  For example, does he/she have permission to perform surgery in any hospitals?  If not, this could be a red flag!  

Make sure to verify that the surgeon you're considering is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Go online to:   You can also call The  American Board of Medical Specialties toll free at 1-866-ASK-ABMS (275-2267)

The next step after verifying the surgeon you chose is to schedule a consultation.  For most surgeon's consultations are free.  Be prepared and write down any questions you may have for the surgeon prior to your consultation. During your consultation continue your investigation to be sure this surgeon is right for you by following these steps below:

  • Look around the surgeon's office.  Is it clean?  Do the staff appear polite, and friendly?   
  • Make sure to ask the surgeon all the questions you prepared.  Be sure you and the surgeon are clear on the expected results of the surgery.    
  • After speaking with the surgeon, do you feel comfortable making a decision or will you schedule with another surgeon to compare? 
  • Did the surgeon answer all of your questions? 
  • Were you and the surgeon on the same page about achieving your desired results?  

The steps above are imperative when considering any surgery, especially an elective surgery.  Repeat all the steps above before scheduling surgery with any surgeon to achieve the safest and most desirable results possible.     

Happy Healing!!

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