About Us


I'm a proud Veteran, Nurse, Mom, and Grandmother. I created this business to offer our customers quality products that will assist them with recovering safely at home. I originally started this business in Fort Myers, Florida in 2021, during the pandemic.  The products offered on this website are US based so shipping times are between 1-7 days in the United States.  Shipping times may vary during major holidays. 

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"The TNC Community" is a community where we support each other recovering from all types of surgery not just elective surgeries but medically necessary surgeries as well.  "The TNC Community" is a judge-free, safe zone where we discuss postoperative recovery care concerning ALL surgeries.  We also provide recovery care tips as well as highlight some of the best-selling recovery care products available to assist with "Happy Healing!"  So, don't miss out!   

Thank you for visiting our website, we're honored that you landed here!  We look forward to assisting you soon...

Marcella Kidd, BSN RN 

Thanks again!