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BBL Post Surgery Supplies

BBL Post Surgery Supplies

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3-Pack Lipo Foam Pads: These soft and pliable Lipo Foam Pads are essential for promoting even compression and reducing swelling in the treated areas. These pads can be conveniently placed under your compression garments (Faja) to ensure that your skin heals uniformly and that your results appear as intended. Abdominal Compression Board: A vital component in your post-surgery regimen, the abdominal compression board helps streamline your midsection, facilitating optimal contouring and aiding in the recovery process. It helps to maintain pressure on your abdominal area, ensuring your BBL results are accentuated to their fullest potential. BBL Molder Backboard: This BBL Molder Backboard is designed to provide essential support to your lower back and buttocks, maintaining the newly shaped contours and preventing flattening. It's an indispensable tool for maintaining the results of your Brazilian Butt Lift. The Amazon BBL Bundle is the perfect combination of BBL post-surgery supplies, including the must-have items like BB Pillow, Lipo Foam Pads, Abdominal Compression Board, and BBL Molder Backboard. These items are meticulously chosen to help you achieve the best results from your Brazilian Butt Lift, while also ensuring your post-surgery comfort and support. Trust in our curated selection of supplies to assist you throughout your recovery process. Whether you've just undergone liposuction, a BBL, or any other surgical procedure, this bundle is your comprehensive solution for a smoother healing journey.

  • BBL Post Surgery
  • BBL POST SURGERY SUPPLIES INCLUDES: 1 BB Pillow, 1 flattening ab board/ab binder tabla abdominal 1 BBL Molder Backboard, 3 Pack lipo foam pads 1 Female Urinal. The BBL Supplies will complement your faja colombiana. 7 essential products for your Brazilian Butt lift Recovery.
  • Tailored for Your Recovery: Our products are specifically designed to cater to post-surgery requirements, aiding in a smoother and more comfortable recovery process. Whether you're a BBL patient or seeking post-operative supplies, we've got you covered.
  • Premium Quality: We believe in nothing but the best! Our Bombshell Booty Pillows are crafted with the utmost care and precision, ensuring they provide the perfect blend of support and comfort.
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